The authorities of Mariupol are looking for an alternative to the Siverskyi Donets-Donbass channel for the city water supply 05/22/2017 20:20:02. Total views 961. Views today — 0.

The authorities of Mariupol are looking for an alternative source of water supply, which would allow the city not to depend on the Siverskyi Donets-Donbass channel in the future. This was reported by the press service of the Mariupol City Council.

Jean Roche, the president of Beten International French company, got acquainted today with the problem of water supply in Mariupol. He was told in the City Vodokanal what strategic tasks are facing the city in search of an alternative source of water supply and further water purification. It is noted that the representative office of the company was interested in the projects of Mariupol after the meeting with the mayor Vadym Boychenko in the Embassy of France in February.

"Our task as an ecological and engineering company is to help cities solve complex issues. Mariupol is a complex of interesting projects. We are going to do everything to solve the existing problems and to effectively cooperate with the city for its successful development", - Jean Roche told.

Mariupol is not provided with water to the full because of the tense situation in the region. "We have two problems. We need to find an alternative source of water supply that can cover all the necessary needs of the population in order not to depend on the Siverskyi Donets-Donbass channel in the future. It is also the further water purification so that it meets the taste and all criteria", - the engineer in-chief of the City Vodokanal Serhiy Koval told.

The problem of water loss of more than 50% of water in the pipeline because of the poor condition of the pipeline was raised during the discussion. It is necessary to replace more than 1200 km of the water conduit.

According to Serhiy Koval, these issues are needed to be worked in a comprehensive manner involving specialists and companies that will help to give the correct conclusion and technical recommendations to solve the problem in the near future.

Jean Roche noted at the end of the meeting that the City Vodokanal had carried out an enormous amount of work to identify the real problems facing the city. However, it is necessary to carry out no less important work to find investment before starting projects. "One of our tasks is the development of feasibility studies and business plans for international fund-raising", - the president of the French company stressed.