The Russian travel company organizes "excursions" to the occupied Donbass for $350 05/22/2017 16:43:48. Total views 858. Views today — 2.

A travel company from the Rostov oblast has offered its customers a bus tour to the so-called "DPR". This is reported by 161.ru.

The program was called "Donetsk Unconquered".

Participants of the "tourist trip" are promised to show the places of battles, the Donbass Arena, grabbed from Rinat Akhmetov, historical monuments and other places of interest for $350.

Moreover, tourists will be taken to a small arms range.

The company claims that the initiators of the trip were some partners from the "DPR". The program does not enjoy wide popularity for the present. However, the authors of the project hope that the tour will attract the attention of tourists in course of time.