"The position was destroyed by a direct hit". Militants suffered losses near the occupied Yasynuvata 05/17/2017 12:42:43. Total views 865. Views today — 3.

Militants have suffered losses near the occupied Yasynuvata yesterday, on May 16. This was reported by the creator of the "Vostok" terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovskiy on his page in social network.

According to him, the position of militants from the "Berkut" "under the bridge near the traffic police was destroyed last evening by a direct hit".

"There are two specifications about the information provided yesterday evening: three guys died from the direct hit of the shell, the fourth one managed to get out of the position, being wounded, and came out slowly "to the people", where he was assisted and hospitalized. One died at the hands of a sniper", -he specified today.