Mariupol residents are invited to rally against revanchist attempts of the Opposition Bloc to split society 04/27/2017 16:17:47. Total views 867. Views today — 0.

The residents of Mariupol are invited to take part in a rally against the revenge of separatism and in order to show that Mariupol is Ukraine. This is reported by the organizers of the event.

"We invite you to "Mariupol is us!" rally of unity, which should demonstrate the unity of Mariupol community and emphasize that Mariupol is a Ukrainian city!" - the organizers note.

The reason for the action was the actions of the local cell of the Opposition Bloc aimed at splitting the society and creating a hotbed of tension similar to the situation in 2014. Attempts for a revenge of separatism began with a speech of the deputy Andrey Feday at the session of the Mariupol City Council, who called for stopping "the persecution and impairment of rights of Russian-speaking citizens" on behalf of the faction.

According to another deputy of the city council, Maksim Borodin, "the speech of Andrey Feday from the tribune of the City Council consists of manipulations (language non-issues, "Fascism and Nazism" mixed with the remains of post-Soviet propaganda) aimed at stirring the confrontation in the Donetsk oblast. Just the same speculations of "Regionals" led to the events of 2014 and the subsequent occupation of the Donetsk oblast!".

The ideas of separatism were taken from the session hall to the streets of Mariupol. People were distributed leaflets in the agitation tents of the Opposition Bloc, in which they demanded to implement the Minsk agreements on the part of Ukraine (not on the part of Russia and militants!). Signatures are being gathered in defence of Russian-speaking citizens against "Nazism".

Patriotic movement in the frontline Mariupol states that the ex-regionalists who have changed the name of their political force act this way in tandem with the Russian terrorists who have occupied Donetsk and other territories of the Donbass.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations of the city believe that anti-Ukrainian and provocative actions by representatives of the Opposition Bloc are unacceptable and such that purposefully create social tension in the frontline Mariupol. "We all remember the consequences of "language issue" and "fight against Nazism", artificially created by the Party of Regions in 2014", - the organizers of the action state.

Activists urge residents of the city to come to the Theatre Square to the pro-Ukrainian rally on April 30 with the demand to stop the creeping offensive of separatist and revanchist forces.