"This is a frank provocation". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to the dismantling of the monument to the UPA soldiers in Poland 04/27/2017 14:12:12. Total views 860. Views today — 1.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is outraged by the dismantling of the monument to the UPA soldiers near Polish Przemysl and considers this a provocation. This is said in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Ukraine is outraged by demonstrative and daring actions against the Ukrainian monument in Hrushovichi village near Przemysl. This is a frank provocation on the eve of celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Vistula criminal action - apparently in order to divert attention from this notorious date", - the statement said.

The department noted that they plan to address the Polish party for official explanations and coordination of the further steps to legalize all grave sites in the territory of Poland and polish grave sites in Ukraine in order to provide them with proper keeping at the state level in accordance with the bilateral agreement on the preservation of sites of commemoration since 1994.

"An agreement to hold bilateral consultations in Warsaw in the coming days with the participation of the leadership of the State Interdepartmental Commission on the Immortalization of the Anti-Terrorist Operation Participants, Victims of Wars and Political Repressions, which is responsible for implementing the above-mentioned agreement, has already been reached", - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed.

As previously reported, activists and representatives of Polish nationalist organizations had dismantled a gravestone to the UPA soldiers at the cemetery of Hrushovichi village near Przemysl, which had previously been profaned by vandals, on April 26.