Residents of occupied Khartsyzsk report on the makeshift coalmines in Zuevsky landscape park 04/24/2017 15:19:49. Total views 809. Views today — 0.

Residents of occupied Khartsyzsk report on the illegal makeshift mines for coal mining in the territory of the regional landscape park Zuevsky. This is reported in the petition, which was posted on Change.org website.

The petition, created by the local organization Eco-Action, is addressed to the occupation "administration" of Khartsyzsk and the "People's Council of the DPR".

"On the territory of the Zuyevsky RLP (Regional Landscape Park), in the sanitary zone of the Olkhovskiy drinking reservoir unknown persons treacherously carry out preparatory work in several places (excavation, construction of subsidiary premises, harvesting of timber), the park forest is massively cut down. This irretrievably violates the ecological balance of soil, water, air. Animals and bird markets, places for recreation and tourist landmarks turn into a Moon landscape", - the petition says.

Environmentalists note that the social situation is extremely tense and threatens to explode with unpredictable consequences.

"All the controlling bodies, the local authorities and the media are aware of this, but they do nothing. The most beautiful places simply disappear from our planet. Where will we rest? Leave the parks alone", - the authors of the petition note.