Escaped in 2014 from Sloviansk militants still "occupy" the hostels of DonNU 04/18/2017 17:22:32. Total views 858. Views today — 1.

Escaped in 2014 from Sloviansk militants still "occupy" the hostels of DonNU, for living in which they pay scanty amounts. This follows from the article "Three years without Motherland: residents of Sloviansk remembered the beginning of the war", published in Moskovskiy Komsomolets Russian newspaper.

The article tells about the fate of collaborators and terrorists from Sloviansk, who were forced to move to the occupied Donetsk after the liberation of the city by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The former Ukrainian deputy from the Communist Party of Ukraine Anatoliy Khmelevoy organized in Makiivka another meeting of the so-called "Sloviansk brotherhood", that is, the militants who fought in Sloviansk in 2014, almost three years after those events.

Complaints about the poor living conditions were among the numerous complaints that the current authorities of the "DPR" do not notice the merits of the "Sloviansk residents". It turned out that most of the militants who fled to the occupied Donetsk live in hostels, including student ones.

For example, Anatoliy Khmelevoy whom the Russian media calls the "leader of the Sloviansk residents", lives in the hostel of the circus. "Very decent conditions by Donetsk standards", - the newspaper writes. Khmelevoy clarifies that "living costs $2.3 per day there… Discount of almost four times was made".

Other militants from Sloviansk live in student and working hostels, the fee there is even lower. "Hostels are the most frequent place of residence of the "Sloviansk residents" in exile. They occupied the third and fourth hostels of the Donetsk National University in the summer of 2014. Many of them live there since then. Some of them managed to get settled in hostels in the center next to the local general staff, some - in the factory ones. They pay about $8.9 per month for the room, plus utility bills", - the Russian journalist tells and adds that "it is impossible to rent housing in the city for such money".