Miners of the seized Zasyadko mine were sent to a payless vacation in occupied Donetsk 04/18/2017 15:45:09. Total views 1060. Views today — 0.

Miners of the seized Zasyadko mine, on which the occupation "authorities" introduced "external management", were sent to a payless vacation. The employees write about that in social networks.

According to preliminary data, this payless vacation will last until April 26. The miners from the other Donetsk mine named after Skochinsky were also sent to a payless vacation.

Earlier in various local communities created in VKontakte social network there was an invitation to a rally on April 19: "Dear miners! On April 19, at 10 am there will be a rally at the Lenin Square. We will appeal to ZAKHARCHENKO due to the fact that all the mines have stopped and the workers were sent to a payless vacation! No salary, no work! How will people survive? All miners and their families, other mine employees, please pass this message on and take part in the rally!" However, later administrators removed such posts as "provocative".

In the beginning of March, "external management" was introduced in 43 enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction in the occupied territory, including the Zasyadko mine. At the same time, the militants claimed that formally the owners allegedly remain the same.

Reference. Zasyadko Mine is a coal mining enterprise, one of the largest enterprises of this industry in Ukraine. It was put into operation in 1958 and was named after Alexander Zasyadko, the Minister of Coal Industry of the USSR in 1949-1955. In 1979, Yefim Zvyagilsky was appointed to the post of director of the mine by the decision of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the Ukrainian SSR and the leadership of the Donetsk oblast. Until 1992, Zvyagilsky was the director of the mine, and then was elected the honorary president of the enterprise, being the de facto owner of the mine. Currently, Yefim Zvyagilsky is Ukraine’s MP from the Opposition bloc.