Savchenko creates her political party named after herself 04/14/2017 17:12:31. Total views 840. Views today — 0.

Non-factional MP of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko has created a new political party, the Public and Social Platform of Nadiya Savchenko. The deputy informed journalists about this, RBK Ukraina reports.

Previously, this political party was called Nastup.

"The information was spread that I created a party named after myself. It was not a party named after me, this party was created by the people from Lviv, its name was very good – Nastup. This time at the party congress, we changed the name and re-elected me as party chairman. I put my name under the idea that this party will disseminate - the change of the political system", - N.Savchenko noted.

She also said that her party will be different from all the political forces that were created in Ukraine.

"The construction of this mechanism will not be very understandable for people, because it will be new and different from all political parties that exist now. There are experts who are ready to create this program for Ukraine. They are Ukrainians, people who know why and where we go wrong every time", - the deputy said.