The "DPR/LPR" militants "irretrievably" lose up to 50 people per day - militant Khodakovsky 04/13/2017 13:05:26. Total views 820. Views today — 0.

The "DPR/LPR" bandit formations lose up to 50 people of their personnel daily. The terrorist and the creator of the Vostok battalion Alexander Khodakovsky published such data on his page in the social network.

"... And do you know the statistics of our losses of irretrievably departed from the belligerent for various reasons? At least fifty people per day", - he wrote, without specifying the reasons for such a rapid reduction in the number of illegal military formations.

The militant reported that this trend is very disturbing. "Turn on your brains and calculate: fifty to ten is five hundred, fifty to thirty is fifteen hundred... for a month in two corps". I think you imagine the number of soldiers on the front line, and you will be able to perform one simple calculation, dividing the approximate amount by the number of losses per month, in order to understand how long we will last", - A.Khodakovsky wrote.