"We convinced the IMF". General retirement age will not be raised in Ukraine - Reva 04/07/2017 12:38:31. Total views 1072. Views today — 0.

"We considered this unacceptable in our country at the moment and proposed a different solution to this problem. Discussions lasted four months. We managed to find a solution to this issue without raising the general retirement age", - the minister said.

According to him, the general retirement age for men and women in Ukraine will be 60 years. He noted that the age for retirement for women will increase annually by half a year until 2021 in connection with the pension reform in 2011. Then women will retire like men – at 60 years.

According to the memorandum between Ukraine and the IMF, the pension reform in Ukraine should be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada until the end of April 2017. The terms of the fourth and subsequent reconsiderations of the economic program for Ukraine within the framework of Extended Fund Facility program EFF by the International Monetary Fund depend on progress in implementing the structural reforms.