A "star" of Russian TV, who had slung mud at the Armed Forces of Ukraine, came from the "DPR" for Ukrainian pension 04/03/2017 10:52:08. Total views 935. Views today — 0.

Police officers detained a woman in Marinka (Donetsk region), who "came to light" in 2015 in the propaganda plot of Russian TV, telling ostensibly of "looting" by the Ukrainian army. This was reported by the deputy head of the National Police – the head of the Main Headquarters of the National Police of Ukraine in the Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin on Facebook.

It is noted that police officers detained a woman of 1952 year of birth on April 2, the former teacher of Ukrainian and Russian languages in Debaltseve, who got tough on the AFU on Russian television earlier.

"Taking into account her behavior, it is extremely surprising that she went to her father in Pavlograd to apply for a pension at the expense of Ukrainian taxpayers while receiving a pension from the "DPR" militants", - V.Abroskin wrote.

According to him, the woman denied abusive comments about the Ukrainian military, explaining them by "cunning of the Russian media" during the conversation with the police officers.

"Such things happen, yesterday they cursed us, and today they ask us for help. Let her words remain on her own head", - he noted.