"ZhEK employees" with dogs are seeking the apartments left by displaced persons in the occupied Luhansk 03/29/2017 14:09:20. Total views 1117. Views today — 0.

Employees of ZhEKs in the occupied Luhansk began to go round the apartments ostensibly with the verification of documents for the right of ownership of tenants. This is told by the local residents, - LIGA.net writes.

It is reported that the representatives of ZhEKs require owners to show the purchase and sale agreements of apartments.

"They came to me from the house management and said: we check what if the apartment is suddenly abandoned, is owned by the state and not privatized", - Serhiy from Luhansk, whose name was changed for security reasons, said.

According to him, militants go round the apartments with dogs in the center of the city just during hours of darkness. Serhiy added that they make inquiries more often among elderly people who are willingly told them everything: who, when and where left and arrived.

"As a result, they sealed off the apartment of my friend in the house opposite the former building of the Luhansk Regional State Administration", - Serhiy said.

He could not answer the question whether it means that they "grabbed" the apartment. "I do not know, she just said that she would go and complain, because she has nowhere to live", - Serhiy added.

Sources of the edition clarified that the going round of the apartments already was in the quarters of Shevchenko, Molodizhny and Dzerzhynsky.