Militants disguised as the AFU fired residential neighborhoods near Zaitsevo 12/28/2015 22:48:01. Total views 1103. Views today — 0.

A group of militants of the hybrid Russian army, disguised as the ATO soldiers, fired from small arms residential neighborhoods near Zaitsevo. The press-center of the ATO reports about this on Facebook.

"Today, on December 28th, near the village of Zaitseva, the north of temporarily occupied Gorlovka, a group of militants of one of the pro-Russian illegal armed groups was discovered, they wore camouflage clothing like field uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine military and fired from small arms, including at the residential infrastructure of the village,"- reports the press center of the ATO.

"Thus, criminals tried once again by the order of their curators from the Russian Federation to mislead locals blaming our soldiers in breach of the agreement on compliance with the"silence mode"and defiantly discredit forces of the ATO. By the way, this is not the first time. In their turn, the Ukrainian soldiers didn’t open fire during the day, all our units strictly observe the terms of the ceasefire. Although from the beginning of the day the bandits of the terrorist organization "DPR" fired at our positions without aiming, have tried eight times to make the ATO forces to use weapons in response,"- said the statement.