The court's decision. Korban was taken into custody for two months 12/28/2015 19:21:46. Total views 1270. Views today — 1.

The leader of the UKROP Party Gennadiy Korban was taken into custody for 60 days. This is stated in the court judgment, read out by the judge of the Dnieprovskyi district court of Kiev Nikolay Chaus, thereby satisfying a request of the Prosecutor's Office, - reports UNIAN.

After the announcement of this decision the presiding judge walked out of the courtroom. Corban talked to the audience in the hall and asked to remain calm, not to violate the order. He expressed confidence that the Court of Appeals woild abolish the decision because he has a very strong legal position.
"I would not want somebody suffer because of me. Let's pursue all by legal means. We have two days (until December 32st - Ed), during which the lawyers will submit the appeal, have already submitted. We have a good legal position. I ask you all to come to the appeal review,"- called Korban.

As previously reported, the SSU detained Korban and announced that he was suspected in a number of articles of the Criminal Code, including the creation of a criminal gang on October 31st. Corban denies the charges. On December 26th the Dnieprovskyi district court of Kiev began consideration of the petition of the the Prosecutor General to change the measure of restraint of house arrest to detention for Korban. The term of house arrest ends on December 31st.