The "DPR" militants fled the unit and robbed more than 10 houses, shooting back at the Russian military 03/23/2017 14:29:52. Total views 883. Views today — 0.

The militants of the "DPR" robbed more than ten houses of the residents of the occupied Kalmyuske settlement, having fled the military unit. This is stated in the report of the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

"Three soldiers of 1 separate motorized rifle brigade (Kalmyuske) of 1 Army Corps deserted their station with weapon on March 22 and robbed more than a dozen houses of the residents of Kalmyuske settlement, using physical force", - the statement said.

It is also noted that "delinquents fired at the car of the Commandant's Service Company in the course of desertion, having injured one Russian soldier".