The OSCE said their patrol in Kominternovo was fired from almost point-blank. Ukrainian military could not shoot from 200 meter 12/28/2015 17:15:57. Total views 1082. Views today — 0.

The OSCE Mission in Kominternovo was fired from almost point-blank - from 150-200 meters. This is stated in the text of the report on the mission of fire, under which employees of the monitoring mission  got on December 27th.

As reported earlier, the OSCE mission was unable to carry out an inspection of Kominternovo village on the presence of equipment and military personnel there because of the militants fire at patrol mission on December 27th.

" At 11:20hrs, while conducting analysis of the third crater (from the mine explosion - OstroV), the SMM heard three single shots of small arms, outgoing 150-200m north-north-west of its position, and saw the third shot impact on the ground 5-7m north-east of its position", - noted the OSCE.
Thus, from the report that the fire at the OSCE patrol was conducted from Kominternovo occupied by militants and all charges of the militants that the AFU fired the mission from a nearby village were groundless.

As previously reported, the militants accused the Ukrainian side of fire at the OSCE Mission. In its turn, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warned about attempts of such provocations by terrorists to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prevention of the OSCE to inspect Kominternovo village.