Yarosh left the Right Sector and founded a new movement. Without radicalism 12/28/2015 16:25:14. Total views 1112. Views today — 2.

The Verkhovna Rada deputy Dmytro Yarosh told about the creation of a new political movement. Yarosh announced it in the statement published on the website of the Right Sector.

"Right sector emerged as a revolutionary structure during the revolution and for the sake of the revolution. This revolution was not finished and the completion of it is the creation of Ukrainian Independent States that for reasons beyond our control, the main of which is the war against the Russian aggressors, was postponed for some time. So, I think that as of today the RS as a revolutionary structure has fulfilled its mission and has done it in full,"- said the statement.

"I together with my team leave the Right Sector National and Liberation Movement. We will initiate the establishment of a new political movement, the founding congress of which is scheduled in February. We are now working on its development, concept of activity, programme guidelines," - noted he in the text .

The new political movement has ambitions to unite all patriots of Ukraine "without radicalism on the verge of marginalism, but without liberal demagogy".

Some combat units the Right Sector will be reorganized.

"The 5th and 8th battalions of the Volunteer Ukrainian corps and Hospitallers medical battalion are reorganized into the Volunteer Ukrainian Army. It will be one of the structures of the newly-created movement," - said Yarosh.