Ukrainian utility rates cover the cost of coal with delivery from anywhere in the world - expert 03/16/2017 12:46:37. Total views 841. Views today — 0.

The current utility rates cover the cost of the most expensive coal, taking into account its delivery from anywhere in the world. An expert on energy, former member of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy Andriy Gerus, wrote on his Facebook page.

"In March, after raising utility rates for the population, the tariff for thermal power plants was USD 0,08 (for the first ten days of March) - and covers the price of coal at USD 111,60/ton. Anthracite in South Africa fell in price and now costs USD 80 + USD 15 shipping, + USD 7.5 transshipment. USD 102 in total", - Gerus writes.

According to him, it covers the delivery expenses of even the most expensive coal in the world from South Africa.

"Thus, for March utility rates it was possible to contract all (and not only the scarce anthracite, which is less than 35% in total consumption) coal from the most remote point of the globe. And for the odd money we could meet this coal in Odessa port with the Eurovision concert", - he believes.