Minister Poltorak urged reserve officers to follow the volunteers’ example and to return to the Armed Forces 03/14/2017 15:45:33. Total views 867. Views today — 1.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak calls on reserve officers to return to the service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He informed about this on his Facebook page.

"I appeal to reserve officers who have received pension benefits from the state, housing and benefits and are on a well-deserved vacation. You have gone through the combat path and gained the experience that our army needs so much. I appeal to you, follow the volunteers’ example", - the head of the Defence Ministry stressed.

Poltorak noted that Ukraine managed to form an army, twice as large, thanks to volunteers.

"And our struggle is still going on, there are threats for our independence. If your age and health allow you, I urge you to return to the Armed Forces: we need your experience and knowledge, we are waiting for you at a difficult time for our country!", - he urged.