Militants' sniper attacked Ukrainian volunteers in Donbass from a large caliber weapon 03/09/2017 11:57:25. Total views 750. Views today — 1.

The “DPR” militants shelled Ukrainian volunteers in the vicinity of the settlement Zaitseve Donetsk region, reports press officer of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade Olena Mokrenchuk on her Facebook page.

"The crew of Yuliia Tolmacheva in Zaitseve district was attacked by snipers, they shot from a large caliber weapon, she and her driver were found with injuries, but alive. Now the doctors are conducting the surgery and preparing the board for the hospital", -  Mokrenchuk wrote.

One more source confirmed the information about the attack on volunteers: "The volunteer was wonded in the stomach, the driver received even heavier injuries. Also a fighter was injured. Found out where they were shelled. I'm surprised that with Yuliia’s experience they used that route. But the main thing is that they are alive. Sniper is constantly working in Zhovanka. The shelling was from the Zaitseve district. Probably, one is dead and the rest are wounded. Yuliia went to Dnipro".