Militant said that Sberbank of Russia personally promised him to provide services to the holders of the "DPR" passports 03/07/2017 15:41:35. Total views 991. Views today — 0.

The militant of the "DPR" Alexey Petrov stated that the Russian Sberbank personally informed him that it would begin to conduct financial transactions with individuals who show passports of non-existent "People's Republics" of the Donbass in the near future. He wrote about this on his Facebook.

The representative of terrorists indignantly reported earlier that the Russian Sberbank refused to issue him a bank card on the basis of the passport of the "DPR", reasoning that Russia did not recognize this "republic".

The statement of Petrov drew a great response in social networks. He continued this topic on Tuesday, reporting on the response to his complaint received from Sberbank.

"Good afternoon, since the signing of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the recognition of the DPP and LPR passports, it took time for Sberbank time to organize the acceptance of new types of passports as an identity document. All processes for adapting the acceptance of new type of documents will be completed within the next few days, after which we will be ready to provide services to individuals applying with the DPP and LPR passports in all branches of the bank", - he quoted the letter from the representative of Sberbank.