The Russian Federation in The Hague tells how militants in the Donbass "mined" weapons in mines. It is silent about the advanced Russian weapons 03/07/2017 14:46:59. Total views 786. Views today — 0.

Russia establishes its legal proposition in the International Court of Justice on the confirmation that militants in the Donbass have found weapons by themselves – Soviet or left by the Ukrainian army. This was stated by one of the representatives of the Russian Federation in the process, the head of the Department on New Challenges and Threats Ilya Rogachev during the examination of Ukrainian claim in The Hague, - Yevropeyska Pravda reports.

"The main source of weapons that appeared to be in the hands of insurgents (according to the terminology of the representative of the Russian Federation. – ed.) are resources of Soviet times, that were on the territory of Ukraine.

Most of these resources were left in the mines of the Donbass and appeared to be in the hands of insurgents", - he stated.

"Moreover, most of it was left by the fleeing Ukrainian army", - the Russian diplomat added.

Rogachev did not comment on the evidence introduced by the Ukrainian party about the use of the advanced weapons by militants in the Donbass, which is available only in service of the Russian army.

As previously reported, the main storage of the old Soviet weapons in the Donbass is located in Bakhmut (former Artemivsk). The militants tried to seize for a long time the appropriate military unit in Artemivsk in 2014, but met with resistance and did not enter the territory of the arsenal.