PPB and People's Front play into the hands of militants and plan rally against the trade blockade - MPs 03/06/2017 18:24:36. Total views 880. Views today — 1.

Pro- government deputies from factions Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People's Front play into the hands of militants and take part in protests against the trade blockade of the occupied Donbass. Ukrainian MP Taras Pastukh wrote that on his Facebook page.

"The Ukrainian government carries out an ultimatum of the occupied territories: while the leaders of the so-called “LDPR” write letters to Europe and the United States demanding to put pressure on Ukraine to end the trade blockade, the pro-government deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People's Front factions take part in anti-blockade rallies in Avdiivka", - he was outraged.

According to him, the occupiers and the Ukrainian government demand the same – to stop the trade blockade.

Another MP, an active participant of the blockade Volodymyr Parasyuk says that towards the redoubts, blocking the trade with the occupied territories, the pro-government deputies organized a movement of the column of women of retirement age. "The column of the women of retirement age is moving to the redoubts. They are led by deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People's Front Kyshkar, Lapіn and Chornovіl", - he writes.

According to Parasyuk, the head of National Police of the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin coordinates the movement of the column.

In his turn, the chief editor of the news agency OstroV Sergiy Garmash on his Facebook page stated that several sources have reported that the "city and district councils of Donetsk oblast have been instructed to condemn actions of the participants of the blockade on their sessions".

These sources wrote that the mayors of towns free from occupation "are offered to write statements to the court about the inaction of Abroskin to give him a legitimate reason to apply force to the participants of the blockade".

Such actions, according to Sergiy Garmash, may indicate that the "government is ready for a de facto admitting of the “DPR-LPR", working with companies that are controlled by "STATE administrations” of the "puppet republics".

As previously reported, the trade blockade of the occupied Donbass began on January 26. It was initiated by veterans of the ATO and several MPs. On March 1, the leaders of the “republics” stated that all Ukrainian businesses in the occupied territory came under their "external control", that is, they are no longer under Ukraine's jurisdiction.