Neither profit nor taxes! "DPR" hopes that Russia will at least keep running the "grabbed" from Ukraine business 03/03/2017 15:51:39. Total views 953. Views today — 1.

Ukrainian enterprises that work on the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast and are, in fact, confiscated by militants, will bring the "DPR" neither profit nor tax revenue in the foreseeable future. This opinion was expressed by the creator of Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovsky at his online conference.

"There will be neither profit nor taxes", - he is sure. According to Khodakovsky, it will be good if the enterprises that were grabbed by the authorities of the "DPR" from the Ukrainian owners "will at least just work".

"May God give them keeping of their potential and workforce. What taxes during the fever, guys. What profit at all? This is just such populist slogans and statements", - he commented on the statement of Alexander Zakharchenko, that Ukrainian enterprises would fill the budget of the "republic" and bring it a profit after the introduction of "external control".

Khodakovsky is sure that the "grabbed" enterprises will not survive without economic assistance of Russia.

 "I think that Russia most likely will take the burden upon itself in this sense and will allow us to protect ourselves with floating assets. Because once you pledge, do not hedge. Russia has enough money to help us getting these enterprises off the ground. To be more exact, to hinder them from falling down…" - he said.

"There will be no taxes and profit. If they will actually work, if all will be done properly, then we will not talk about some serious income and profit at least a year. At least a year", - he concluded.