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Media: "The LPR State register of voters entered into force. The Central Election Commission also launched the official website with relevant information about its activities and the rights of voters".

Media: "Today the Council of Ministers of the DPR unveiled the list of companies and institutions, on which a temporary administration was introduced. Among them are such industrial giants as Yenakiyeve Steel Plant and its Makiivka branch, Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, Yasinovskiy Coke Plant, Dokuchaivsk flux-dolomite plant, concern Stirol, enterprises of DTEK group, Donetskstal Metallurgical Plant, Komsomolets Donbassa mine, Zasyadko mine, Zuevska thermal power station. In addition, the list includes Ukrainian joint stock insurance company ASKA, stadium Donbass Arena and others".

Media: "The introduction of external administrations for companies under the Ukrainian jurisdictions allows the DPR to receive taxes to the budget of the republic, which will allow to pay social benefits on both sides of the front line. This was stated by Chairman of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy of the People's Council, MP Marina Zheynova ("Donetsk Republic" faction)".

Media: "The DPR authorities have identified gross violation of storage conditions of humanitarian aid during the inspection of Ukrainian charity fund Pomozhemo, - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexey Kostrubitsky reported. An urgent inventory was launched in the warehouses of the organization. "All of this humanitarian aid was imported into the territory of the DPR uncontrollably both in quantity and quality", - said the minister. According to him, in particular, they found out that children's food expired almost a year ago".

Media: "Humanitarian aid for the DPR residents will be expanded with the help of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations, - the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexey Kostrubitsky reported. "Vulnerable residents, pensioners, disabled children and single mothers will be provided with humanitarian kits, - he said. - The food package list of products will be expanded at the expense of humanitarian assistance from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia". Kostrubitsky added that the issue of aid for certain categories of citizens is scheduled to begin in two weeks".

"Prosecutor General's Office of the LPR": " Prosecutor General's Office staff detained director of the utility Krasnodonskoye Housing Services Department, he is suspected in the theft of more than USD 17 000".

Media: "On March 3, the representatives of the DPR and Ukraine intend to hold a joint inspection of the territory of Donetsk filter plant and the surrounding area. This was announced by a source in the DPR security agencies. "The DPR and Ukraine intend to hold a joint inspection of the territory of Donetsk filter plant and the surrounding area, in the course of which will be made a thorough inspection of the presence of explosive devices", - the source said".

Media: "In 2017, 32 pharmacies were opened in the towns of the DPR. This was reported today by the acting Head of the Republican medication service Oleg Gura. "Since the beginning of this year, the DPR has opened 21 pharmacy and 11 pharmaceutical points in Donetsk, Makiivka, Gorlivka, Shahtarsk, Torez, Dokuchaevsk", - Gura said".

Media: "Since the beginning of the year, the employees of the DPR civil status records departments registered 350 marriages, 17 of which were with the citizens of the CIS and Germany. This was reported by the Ministry of Justice: "In 2017 on the territory of the DPR we have already registered about 350 marriages, 16 of them were couples who legalized their relationship with the citizens of the CIS countries. In addition, the first marriage to a German citizen was registered at the beginning of the year".

"The Ministry of Health of the LPR": "Luhansk municipal polyclinic began the month of the fight against tuberculosis".