FC Shakhtar confirmed that the militants captured the training base of Akhmetov’s club and the Donbass Arena stadium 03/02/2017 17:22:52. Total views 888. Views today — 0.

Militants blocked the home stadium of FC Shakhtar - Donbass Arena and seized training base of the club. This was stated by FC Director General Serhiy Palkin during a joint briefing of Shakhtar and Rinat Akhmetov’s humanitarian Staff, - footboom.com website reports.

"Now all exits of Donbass Arena are blocked. Employees are not allowed. Only duty employees have access, who are trained to respond in case of emergency on the scene”, - he said.

Also, he said, armed men entered the territory of the Shakhtar’s base in Kirsch.

"They sealed all property, all is blocked. There is no access to the base", - S.Palkin said.