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Media: "The DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko instructed to include representatives of the People's Council, Trade Unions and labor groups to the special staff for transition of Ukrainian enterprises under the jurisdiction of external management".

"Chairman of the People's Council of the LPR" Vladimir Degtyarenko: "Of course, Ukraine has lost much more than the Republics (because of the blockade). All Ukraine suffers: the budget does not receive the money, companies stop working, there is shortage of electricity in several regions of Ukraine. This is another thoughtless step of the Ukrainian government, even though it refers to the uncontrolled by Kyiv units".

"Acting Minister of Economic Development of the DPR" Victoria Romaniuk: "The most important strategic task for the Republic is taking control of the enterprises. Those plants that will not pay taxes to the budget of the DPR and will not guarantee their work and social obligations to the residents of the Republic, will come under external management. We have all the arrangements to make this transition, with automatic reorientation to Russia as quickly and painlessly as possible".

Media: "The residents of the DPR expressed support for the leadership of the Republic in the decision to introduce external management to companies of the Ukrainian jurisdiction in case of refusal of voluntary registration in the Republic. The rally was held today in one of the largest industrial centers of the Republic - Yenakiyevo".

Media: "More than seven thousand residents of the Republic gathered at a rally in Luhansk to support the requirements of leaders of the LPR and DPR to Kyiv to end the economic and transport blockade of Donbass".

Media: "The State Unitary Enterprise Luhanskvoda resumed water supply to Luhansk in the amount that was established until February 21. This was announced by director of the company Alexander Avershin".

Media: "The LPR towns get the water up to 30% less than before the war because of reduced supplies from the water intake located on the territory of Ukraine. This was announced by the director of the state enterprise Luhanskvoda Alexander Avershin. "Previously, we supplied 400 thousand (cubic meters of water per day), today the total water supply is 300 thousand. Accordingly, the shortage in delivery is 30%", - he said.

Media: "Cars of the 61th humanitarian convoy of EMERCOM of Russia arrived today to the LPR and passed border and customs control without any issues".

Media: "The Council of Ministers of the LPR adopted a decree on the opening of the customs post in Stakhanov. Its address is: Luhansk People's Republic, Stakhanov, 42 Tramvajnaya Street".

Media: "The Law "On the State Anthem of the Donetsk People's Republic" came into force. By law, the national anthem is the official state symbol of the DPR. It can be performed in the orchestral, choral, or vocal and instrumental versions according to the approved music and text".

Media: "The Ministry of Education and Science of the LPR has announced a competition for the position of rector of Volodymyr Dahl Luhansk National University".

"The Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR": "Leading teachers of Donetsk musical college named after Prokofiev and Donetsk art school will be on a working visit to Belgorod, Voronezh and Bryansk from February 28 to March 4".

"The Ministry of Culture of the DPR": "The delegation of museum employees of the DPR to exchange experience with a number of museums of Russia’s St. Petersburg".