"I do not care". Savchenko recognized that she was protected by the "DPR" with the permission of Moscow 02/28/2017 16:03:40. Total views 808. Views today — 0.

Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadiya Savchenko’s visit to the occupied part of the Donetsk region was coordinated with Moscow. Savchenko told this to journalists in Kyiv, - the correspondent of OstroV reports.

"I do not care if you think that this was organized by Moscow or Donbass. Of course, Moscow gave its permission and of course, the “DPR” was protecting and escorting me at the local level, but I do not care how it happens, if we do what needs to be done, "- she said.

As it was reported earlier, on February 24, Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko and Volodymyr Ruban, head of the Officer Corps center for release of prisoners of war, arrived at the penitentiary in Makiivka, where Ukrainian war prisoners are being kept.