Moscow decided to start deliveries of coke to the occupied part of the Donbass at a loss 02/28/2017 13:31:11. Total views 914. Views today — 0.

Moscow decided to start the deliveries of coking coal to the occupied part of the Donbass, although it is not economically profitable for Russia. This was written by VZGLIAD Russian newspaper on February 27 with reference to "a source in the Russian energy sector".

"Special grades of coal stopped to come to the DPR, to Makiivka and Yasynivsky Coke Plants in particular, in sufficient quantity when Ukrainian side has blocked the railways. It is necessary to operationally deliver the coal from Russia now in order these furnaces not to become extinguished. It is meaningless in terms of profitability. This is yet another spending of Russia for Minsk-2. But there is no other way, because if the furnace stops and stocks are left for two or three days, the furnace will have to be dismantled and you will never do something with it", – the source noted in an interview to the Russian newspaper.

"This is a huge burden on Russia, but it is the only salvation now. We need all our forces to get over this spring", - the Donetsk political analyst Roman Manekin told VZGLIAD".

At the same time, the newspaper writes that the "head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the DPR Alexey Granovskiy stated that it is impossible to speak about nationalization in this case, but avoided more detailed comments".

"It would seem that the Donets Basin is the largest producer of coal, both coking and power generating, then why did the deficit appear? However, coking coal is mined not in all the mines. Such coal is mainly mined in the mine named after Zasiadko on the territory under the control of the DPR. However, this mine is methane dangerous and explosions take place there regularly. Furthermore, the mine had problems with the management, the miners staged strikes. The rest of the mines on the territory of the DPR are anthracitic, that is the coal mined there goes for fuel of power plants and is not suitable for coking furnace" – the newspaper explains.