The "DPR" talks about the upcoming establishment of a "state" holding that "will nick" all Akhmetov’s assets 02/22/2017 15:52:52. Total views 771. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" is going to announce the establishment of the so-called "state holding" Metenergo, which will include the "nationalized" companies of Rinat Akhmetov. This was reported by the political scientist Roman Manekin who calls himself a supporter of the "republic" on his Facebook page.

The "holding", he said, "will include 18 companies, now owned by Ukrainian oligarchs of Rinat Akhmetov’s group, but not only them", - Manekin wrote.

He explained that he was talking about Yenakiyevo Metallurgical Plant, including its Makiivka branch, Yenakiyevo coke plant, Kharcizsk pipe plant, Dokuchaevsk flux-dolomite plant, Komsomolskiy Mining Group, the mine Komsomolets Donbass, Zuevskiy power plant, Donetskoblenerho, Donetsk Steel Plant, Makiivka and Yasinovatskiy coking, steelworks plants, coke plant in Alchevsk and others.

"Political scientist" predicts that "the profitability of the state holding Metenergo is planned in the amount of USD 1.4 billion per year".

He further said that they also expect an establishment of a "Trading House at the Russian Ministry of Energy, which will deal with the supply of required Russian raw materials, the completion of the financing of infrastructure, expansion of Donetsk enterprises in the Russian markets of raw materials and sales".

"After the publication of the Decree on the introduction of external control on the mentioned enterprises and the establishment of the holding, the "Rubicon" will be crossed. Then we should look only forward, there should be no looking back at losses", - Manekin wrote.