Putin is waiting for Ukraine to weaken due to lack of compromise on the Donbass blockade - MEP Harms 02/20/2017 17:33:27. Total views 869. Views today — 0.

MEP Rebecca Harms urges Ukrainians to the negotiating table to resolve issues concerning the blockade of the Donbass. She said this at a briefing in Kramatorsk, - the correspondent of OstroV reports.

"I think it's a conflict of interest. On the one hand, I understand why people do not want to pay for the resources they receive from the Donbass, want to be independent and to cut it off. It reminds me of how I fight against Nord Stream 2. On the other hand, I know about all the structural problems of the Donbass and how difficult it is to guarantee the functioning of the infrastructure in the region", - the MEP said.

She recommended Ukrainians to seek a common solution to this issue. "I (support the position - OstroV), one of the Maidan activists very closely, but I worry that there will be a new front line among Ukrainians, and it will weaken all of us. Sit down at the table and look for a solution. Do not weaken yourselves. Putin is just waiting for this," - Harms said.