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"Operational Command of the DPR": "One soldier was killed as a result of the DPR shelling".

Media: "The leader of the DPR Oleksandr Zakharchenko awarded the rank of "major" to Russian writer, patriot, activist Zakhar Prilepin and personally handed him the epaulettes. Currently Prilepin is an adviser to the head of state and simultaneously battalion commander deputy. "Zakhar Prilepin is a true patriot of Russia and the Donbass, not in words but in deeds. So he decided to defend the Russian world with weapon. He has enough experience to carry out the duties assigned to him by the Republic," - Zakharchenko said".

Media: "Information about the mining of the administration building in the Voroshilov district in downtown Donetsk was not confirmed. After group of sappers inspected the building, the staff returned to jobs. Earlier it was reported that on February 13 the staff of the central administration of Donetsk region have been evacuated due to the mining messages".

"MIA of the LPR": "The LPR Interior Ministry officials have withdrawn from illegal circulation nearly 1 thousand units of arms and ammunition over the past week".

Media: "Alchevsk Iron and Steel plant, registered in Ukraine, will greatly assist to the LPR budget in the event of amendments to the law "On the tax system", obliging non-residents to enter into contracts with the Republic and pay taxes. This was stated by the head of the Alchevsk administration Natalia Pyatkova".

Media: "In spring Luhansk Youth Association plans to form a student team that will travel to the Crimea to help building the bridge across the Kerch Strait".

Media: "The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the DPR together with the state enterprise Donetskstandardmetrology presented the system of voluntary certification of goods and services "Standard of the Donbass".

Media: "From March 21 to 23, an opera singer from Greece Medea Yasonidi will hold free workshops on the stage of the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic. This was announced by CEO of the institution Oleksandr Paretsky".

"Donetsk City Administration": "In connection with numerous appeals of villagers of Staryj Hirnyak and Azotnyj, on February 13 a large-capacity bus route №30 was restored. Movement on the route from DK Hirnyak to Krytyj Rynok was restored due to the support of the Ministry of Finance of the DPR. Earlier, the bus route ran through the Panfilov avenue, now its route lies through the Bohdan Khmelnytsky avenue and on 90 percent overlaps the routes №63,63a. Bus route №30 stopped its work on August 17, 2014 due to active hostilities and restrictions on financing by Donelektroavtotrans utility".

Media: "From February 6 to 13, 88 babies were born in Donetsk: 47 boys and 41 girl".

Media: "In the beginning of March, an International public organization Fair Aid plans to send another group of seriously ill children from the DPR to Moscow for treatment. This was reported by the plenipotentiary representative of the Donetsk office of the organization Tatyana Svetlichnaya. "Next group’s departure is scheduled for March 3. For now, we assume that there will be 13-15 children of different ages and with a variety of pathologies. There are too many children whom it is difficult to transfer because of their age and the nature of the disease," - Svetlichnaya said".

Media: "A unique museum of the history of the DPR will be opened in the Republic. There will be exhibited military items gathered during the conflict, the operation of public utilities and civilians‘ exploits will be shown. This was announced by Director General of the Donetsk regional republican museum Denys Kuznetsov".