"DPR" cannot figure out how Givi was killed, but states that know who did it by name 02/10/2017 17:17:08. Total views 1110. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" cannot figure out how the leader of the Somali gang Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) was killed. This is evidenced by the report of a certain "operational command".

It notes that "the investigative authorities" of the "DPR" considered a version of blasting of an explosive device as the version of the death of Mikhail Tolstykh".

The previous stated version that the terrorist was killed from the infantry flame launcher Shmel is also preserved.

At the same time, it is not clear how the "investigation" cannot determine the nature of the serious damage to the building where the militant was killed on the fourth day after Givi's murder (he was killed on February 8): the flame thrower from the outside and the explosion inside left fundamentally different traces.

Thus, the "DPR" states that "investigators have already managed to prove the involvement of a number of individuals in the murder, as well as their interaction with Ukrainian security services" without examining the instrument of the bandit's liquidation.