Marchuk admits that Ukraine probably will have to go on a "painful compromise" on the Donbass issues 02/06/2017 16:25:02. Total views 952. Views today — 0.

Ukraine will have to make a painful compromise on the Donbass conflict issues, but not with the militants. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ukraine’s representative in the negotiating group to resolve the conflict in the Donbass Yevhen Marchuk expressed such an opinion in an interview for LІGA.net.

"World experience says that in the end everything comes to a painful compromise and a range of concessions. But not those offered by Viktor Pinchuk. Now you can be a hundred percent sure that Ukraine will not return to the 2013 situation for a very long time. I mean, unoccupied Crimea and peaceful Donbass ", - Marchuk said.

According to him, in this case we are not talking about a compromise with the militants, "Zakharchenko and Russia". He notes that the subject of a compromise can not be matters of state borders, sovereignty and independent foreign and domestic policy, as well as other basic parameters of statehood.

"But there is quite a wide range of reconciliation, elements of which are in the zone of a possible compromise. First of all, we are talking about the so-called transition period and the principles of formation of the local authorities at this period of time." - Marchuk notes.

According to him, these administrations may include representatives of the local population, who stayed on the temporarily occupied territory and had to work somewhere, but they did not take part in the military operations against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The central authorities, ensuring the functioning of the national legislation, undertake a supporting role and attract international investments for the restoration, while the working moments should be solved by the locals. The withdrawal of military equipment from the both sides with a peculiar level of discipline of the armed forces of the enemy, as well as with our peculiarities, - is also not a simple question, filled with possible compromises", - he notes