Trump is ready to order to roll back Russia sanctions – media 01/27/2017 11:30:46. Total views 974. Views today — 0.

Trump’s administration has an executive order ready to lift Russia sanctions, senior research fellow at the Atlantic Council (USA) Fabrice Pothier tweeted, - UNIAN reports.

Pothier says the President of the United States is going to talk to Merkel and then Putin on Saturday, January 28.

"DC sources say that Trump admin has an executive order ready to lift Russia sanctions", - the message states. The sources did not elaborate on the type of the anti-Russian sanctions.

Editor of U.S.-based POLITICO Susan Glasser also mentioned that the executive order was said to be ready.

Earlier US media learned that Donald Trump would host the first after the inauguration of a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by NBC journalist Haley Jackson on Twitter, citing sources in the White House. According to the journalist, Trump is planning to talk with Putin this weekend.