"Weapons purchase: $200 000". Volunteers made public expenses of the Kremlin for the "Russian Spring - 2014" 01/23/2017 14:12:43. Total views 1216. Views today — 1.

The correspondence of the press secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine Kyryl Frolov with a biker Alexander "The Surgeon" Zaldostanov, who is loyal to the President of the Russian Federation, regarding the financing of the "Russian Spring" in Ukraine, is made public by the coordinator of InformNapalm international volunteer organization Katerina Yaresko. She wrote this on her Facebook page, having uploaded a scan of the correspondence.

Date of the correspondence - February 27, 2014, that illustrates the financing of the pro-Russian actions in Ukraine by Russia before the annexation of Crimea.

Propaganda materials, clothing, food, and "encourage of people to spend the night on the square" in Kharkiv are listed in the expenditure.

"The Orthodox wheeler-dealer Kyryl Frolov and surgeon-biker Zaldostanov discusses the estimate of the events they held in the Ukrainian cities." Note: "Weapons purchase: $200 thousand", - it is said in her report.

As Yaresko noted, a publication of the correspondence is the announcement of publications of other documents that were brought to the attention of InformNapalm organization.

"I want calm, sensible and inevitable court for this company most of all, nothing more. These bastards are not worth of our attention, empty and criminal human covers, filled with garbage and slops, brainwashed by their ideas that have led them far away from all the real - truth, honor and love. But as long as they affect people who are at war with us, we will fight against them, and the publication of such evidences is an effective form of our attack against the bad people", - she wrote.

The "Russian Spring" is the conventional name of destabilization campaign in the south-eastern oblasts of Ukraine unleashed by Russia.