Vice speaker of the Rada called upon the official recognition of the Ukrainian territory occupation 01/18/2017 15:19:17. Total views 859. Views today — 0.

Vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid called upon the recognition of the Ukrainian territory occupation. She stated this today during the session of the Verkhovna Rada, - 112.ua reports.

"Ukraine has the one way – to recognize the occupation. It is impossible to suggest on the reintegration and cooperation until the time when all and sundry, who contributed to the Russian aggression, who supported and encouraged it, will not be punished. Therefore, we appeal to the Prime Minister and the government to reconsider these decisions immediately ", - O.Syroid said.

She criticized the concept of the state purpose-oriented program of rehabilitation and peace realization in the Donbass approved by the Cabinetof Ministers.

"The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the concept of the state purpose-oriented program of rehabilitation and peace realization in the eastern regions of Ukraine at first. There is no mention not only about the war, but even about the ATO in this concept. It is about the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine, which has appeared from nowhere. After this concept has been adopted, as early as January the government takes up a plan of events aimed at implementation of some principles of internal policy concerning certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, where the authorities do not exercise their powers," - she noted.

She stressed that the plans call for the content of enterprises located in the occupied territory in this respect.

"In this respect, there is an encouragement to use the Russian language, dalliance with which, by the way, became the pretext of the Russian aggression and occupation. In this respect, there is a building of a dialogue with the separatists and occupants and reconciliation with them, instead of investigation of the crimes they committed," - O.Syroid noted.

According to her, the government pretends that people do not die in the east of Ukraine.

"The government pretends that there are no people's deaths and no refugees. The burden of losses is put on the Ukrainians because the Ukrainian taxpayers must pay for the rehabilitation. I want to draw your attention that this is only the Russian plan and the plan of the oligarchs that contributed to the Russian aggression and that are interested in the trade preservation in the occupied territory,", - the vice speaker noted.

It is noted that the deputies listened to the speech of Syroid standing.