Not exchangeable! Militants are going to judge religious studies scholar Kozlovsky by the "laws of the DPR" - Herashchenko 01/17/2017 13:36:13. Total views 1041. Views today — 1.

Militants do not want to list the Donetsk religious studies scholar Ihor Kozlovsky who is in captivity for a long time on the exchange of hostages, alleging as their reason that he is a resident of the "DPR" and must meet the laws of the "DPR". This was stated by the vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, representative of humanitarian subgroup of the Minsk process, Iryna Herashchenko, in her interview to Ukrainska Pravda.

Commenting on the release of Ukrainian hostages in the occupied Donbass, I.Geraschenko noted that the militants did not confirm all the persons who they keep illegally in their lists.

"They did not confirm Ihor Kozlovsky, well-known religious studies scholar, contained in the cellar in Donetsk. They tell us that he is a resident of the "DPR "and will meet the "laws of the DPR", Herashchenko noted.

As previously reported, the president of the Center of religious science research and international spiritual relations Ihor Kozlovsky was detained by the "Ministry for State Security of the DPR" in the occupied Donetsk in the end of January 2016. The militants initially accused Kozlovsky that he kept weapons illegally, then – in the "espionage".

The Ukrainian side constantly raises the question of the release of the Donetsk religious studies scholar Ihor Kozlovsky at different levels at negotiations in Minsk.