Forty members of the armoured groups "DPR-LPR" returned to Ukraine in the framework of the programme "Return Home" 12/23/2015 22:35:22. Total views 1194. Views today — 0.

Forty former fighters, who voluntarily refused participating in the armed groups "DPR/LPR", returned to their families in the 2015 in the frameworks of the programme of the Security Service of Ukraine "Return home". The press service of the SSU informed OstroV about that.

"The grounds for exemption from criminal liability for members of so-called terrorist groups "DPR/LPR" are provided under the current legislation of Ukraine", - stated the SBU.

The programme applies to persons who are "willing to voluntarily give up participation in terrorist activities and to cooperate with law enforcement bodies of Ukraine; did not participate in killings, torture, rape and other serious crimes; have a sincere desire to correct their own mistakes by honest labor for the benefit of Ukraine. "

The decisions of the Ukrainian courts to exempt from criminal liability repentant members of terrorist groups are at the site www.reyestr.court.gov.ua, - informs the press-service of the SSU.

SSU explains this information to the relatives of militants living on the territory of Ukraine. During individual meetings, interviews the emphasize is made on the need for voluntary refusal to participate in the terrorist groups, return to Ukrainian territory and cooperation with the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, as a condition of exemption from criminal liability.