Militants blackmail by amnesty and demand to give them 700 people in exchange for 50 - Herashchenko 01/16/2017 20:48:24. Total views 1002. Views today — 0.

Militants of the "DPR", despite the promise to release minor "subversives" to the New Year holidays, still keep teenagers in prison. This was written by the participant of negotiations in Minsk from the Ukrainian side, the first vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko on her Facebook page.

"This is the price of the militants' word", - she states.

According to Herashchenko, the release of hostages by militants is actually blocked. "...And now they again insist on the immediate amnesty as a prerequisite for the release and hand over them nearly 700 people in exchange for 50", - Herashchenko reported.

"The Ukrainian side insists on the immediate unlocking of the release of the hostages... A skype conference with L. Kuchma and M. Saydik (the OSCE special representative on the Trilateral contact group - ed.) will be held at the initiative of the Ukrainian side on January 18. The release of the hostages must be unlocked – this is our demand", - she stressed.

Herashchenko also stressed that "despite the fact that Ukraine insists on the involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross to the hostages' release and finding the missing in action for 20 months, this authoritative international organization which has 100 years of experience in the liberation of people and their search (and never publish the lists and we are also working in this issue according to the international procedures), is not allowed to prisons in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation, they have never been given the opportunity to meet the Ukrainian hostages, or to give them humanitarian aid".

"Ukraine actively cooperates with the ICRC, provides complete information about the lists of hostages and missing in action, admission to the institutions of the penitentiary system from the early days of the Russian aggression in the Donbass. However, we see a total blockade from the other side" -  Herashchenko stressed.