Zyuganov may tell whatever he wants, but the Kremlin is not going to incorporate the "DPR/LPR" - militant Khodakovsky 01/13/2017 17:58:08. Total views 893. Views today — 0.

In the nearest future Russia will not take any steps to recognize the terrorist republics of the Donbass or their accession into the Russian Federation. This was stated by the former "minister of the DPR state security", the militant Olexandr Khodakovsky during his on-line conference.

Responding to a question about the meaning of the statements of the State Duma deputy Gennadiy Zyuganov that Russia needs to recognize the "DPR/LPR", the militant said: "In this way they (Zyuganov and other deputies - OstroV) demonstrate to the public that they are on their place, that they exist and they need to be supported. This is normal".

At the same time, according to him, these statements will have no consequences for the occupied territories.

"But now it will not bring anything, in the near future the question of accession to Russia will not be put seriously", - Khodakovsky said.

At the same time, he expressed hope that in future the Russian authorities will have to decide the Donbass issue through its accession to the Russian Federation.

"But these words were already spoken, they will begin their work. And they will slowly cause a certain reaction. Eventually, Russia will have to show this reaction on the highest political level, and to show us how their leadership thinks about the Donbass accession to the Russian Federation. It has started, and it is a positive thing", - he said.

Olexandr Khodakovsky is a former employee of the SBU, he betrayed the oath and from the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine became one of the leaders of the Donbass terrorists. He created and led the Vostok battalion. Currently, he is moved away from all official posts in the "DPR". Now he is in the confrontation with the so-called "head of the republic" Olexandr Zakharchenko. He stands for an idea of Donbass accession to Russia, but his approach to this matter does not find understanding in the Russian Federation.