Trump "relinquished" Ukraine in exchange for the services of Russian hackers - media 01/11/2017 14:50:20. Total views 1133. Views today — 0.

In exchange for receiving data from the e-mail of the head of the electoral headquarters of the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump had to agree to divert attention from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is stated in a report of special services, published by Buzzfeed, - UNIAN reports.

"The Russian regime was behind the recent leak of alarming emails of the Democratic National Committee on the WikiLeaks platform", – the statement says.

"In exchange, Trump’s team has agreed to withdraw from the Russian invasion of Ukraine as part of the campaign and to engage in defensive duties the US-NATO in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, in order to distract attention from Ukraine, which is a priority for Putin" – it was noted.

As previously reported, Buzzfeed published a 35-page report on the collection of incriminating evidence against US President-elect Donald Trump. Trump called the report untrue, and its publication – a "political witch hunt".