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Media: "Projects of the monuments of Arsen Pavlov (nickname "Motorola"), the colonel of the armed forces of the DPR, and Elizaveta Glinka, a member of the Russian Federation Presidential Council on civil society development and human rights, will be approved on the basis of competitive selection in the DPR. It was reported by the Donetsk Republic social movement.

"Operational command of the DPR":  "The Armed Forces of Ukraine after artillery preparation using 122 mm shells have attempted to capture our positions in the region of Spartakovskaya industrial zone in the north of Donetsk by three groups numbering 10 people at 18:45 on January 10. Our units were forced to return fire from small arms".

"The Ministry of State Security of the DPR": "The military tribunal of the DPR sentenced the citizen of Ukraine Oleh Chulhu, detained in February 2015, to 11 years in prison for spying for Ukrainian security officials. According to the MSS data, in the course of investigative and operational measures, it was found that Chulha, who have been assisting the militia of the DPR in Sloviansk in 2014, was recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine".

Media: "Registration of participants of the state final examination began in the Donetsk People's Republic today. Submission of the documents will be carried out in print and electronic form for the first time. The first exam is scheduled for May 23, the campaign will last until June 12. In total the SFE will cover about 10 thousand graduates of 9th and 11th grades in 2017".

 "MIA of the LPR": "The Christmas ball, organized by the MIA of the LPR and children and youth organization Molodaya Gvardiya of the social movement Peace to Luhanschyna, which have been scheduled on January 15 was rescheduled for January 21 because of the announced quarantine in the schools of the republic".

"LPR General Prosecutor's Office": "The prosecutor's office of Leninsky district of Luhansk established the fact of overstating the cost of road maintenance for a total amount of 26688 USD by the officials".

"The Ministry of State Security of the LPR": "Internet blogger Eduard Nedelyaev, known under the nickname Edward Ned, detained by the Ministry of State Security of the LPR, told about the tasks that were put to him by special services and attempts to draw him into the political games. Nedelyaev reported that representatives of the Ukrainian secret services gave him a task of hacking the site of the Campaign office of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, which he refused to do because of a lack of professional competence".