Deputy Savchenko unveils lists of captured, missing Ukrainians 01/10/2017 14:22:27. Total views 880. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian parliamentarian Nadiya Savchenko has unveiled lists of people, who were captured or disappeared in Donbas, as well as the names of the persons who are required by militants of the "DPR" and "LPR". She published the lists on her Facebook page.

N.Savchenko explained her view on the "all for all" exchange.

"We do not need to invent anything new. The classical three stage method of exchange is proved to be successful during the wars. Step One: the exchange according to the lists, which are confirmed by each side. Step Two: those who stayed in the lists are searched for in prisons and basements. Step three: everyone who could not be found is recognized dead or missing ", - she said.

As previously reported, Savchenko announced her intention to unveil lists of prisoners of war and missing in the Donbas. The SBU stood against the publication of the lists and promised to talk to Savchenko.