The militants "celebrated" a complete ceasefire by abusing Grads 12/23/2015 20:20:41. Total views 1095. Views today — 0.

Illegal pro-Russian armed groups continue violating the latest agreements on a complete ceasefire in the ATO area. The press center of the ATO reports about that on its Facebook page.

«Since the very morning on December 23rd armed groups of Russian terroristic forces have opened fire in the direction of the Ukrainian forces position seven times. Except two times of weapon use which were recorded immediately after the midnight, they have tried to provoke our soldiers to open fire», - says the statement.

According to the report, from 7:00 to 9:00 militants opened fire three times. «In particular, they used antitank missile complexes in the direction of positions in Granitniy, which is in the direction of Mariupol, from оружея, in the area of Mayorsk nearby Gorlovka. The occupiers’ sniper fired at our soldiers near Opytnoye», - informs the press center.

«According to the latest information, they militants attacked with Grad in Luhansk, probably in the direction of our positions in the area of Troitskyi and Boguskavskyi- reports the ATO headquarters.

«There rude cases of violations of the ceasefire conditions by the criminal groups controlled by Russia show that they aren’t ready for a peaceful dialogue with de-escalation of the armed conflict and inadequate position of the NVF leaders on compliance with the Minsk agreements», - notes the headquarters.