"Ambulances", "cargo 200" and people in camouflage were fixed by the OSCE Mission on the border of the occupied territories with the Russian Federation 12/30/2016 14:00:16. Total views 941. Views today — 0.

The OSCE Mission fixed "ambulances", "cargo 200" and people in camouflage on the checkpoints with the Russian Federation being beyond the control of Ukraine in December. This writes "Ukrainskaya pravda" with reference to the weekly reports of the OSCE mission.

Thus a minibus with Ukrainian numbers was fixed on the point Donetsk crossing the border from the Russian Federation to Ukraine on December 21 at 16 o’clock. The driver was wearing camouflage. There were a sign of "Cargo 200" and the inscriptions "Anubis" on the minibus. The OSCE could not identify whether the coffins were inside.

The OSCE saw a minibus with Ukrainian numbers and the inscription "Funeral" in the point Donetsk that have crossed the border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation on December 22, at 7-20 am.

Moreover, the OSCE fixed several "ambulances" that were arriving to the checkpoint Donetsk on December, 21 and 22. One has arrived from the territory of Ukraine on December 21 at 10:42, there was the inscription "reanimation" on it. Another "ambulance", into which a person on a stretcher was transferred, has also arrived to the checkpoint from the Russian side at 11:00.

Observers fixed as "ambulance" with the numbers of LPR has arrived to the territory of the Russian Federation and came back to Ukraine an hour later on December 22.

Moreover, observers noticed a person in camouflage carrying a military backpack and rifle carrying case on December 26. The man entered the territory of the checkpoint Donetsk (the Russian Federation) and followed to the line of control. "The mission could not determine whether the rifle was inside the case", - the message says.

Moreover, according to the mission data from 20 to 27 December, the number of people in camouflage crossing the border from Russia on the occupied territories has increased. The number of minibuses moving from the Russian Federation to the occupied territories has also increased.

An aggravation was on Svetlodarsk arc from 20 to 27 December. According to intelligence reports, the militants have suffered losses.

There is information on the "Anubis" company website that the company provides repatriation services including "cargo 200".