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Media: "The losses of the People's Militia of the LPR in the course of suppression of acts of provocation from the Ukrainian security forces in the area of Debaltsevo from 18 to 25 December composed of six soldiers dead and seven wounded, two more are missing in action".

Media: The authorities of the DPR have passed two women to the head of the Ukrainian Center for liberation of prisoners "Officer corps" Vladimir Ruban as a gesture of goodwill. The procedure was held between Donetsk and Makiivka. Representatives of the Ministry of State Security were attended from the side of the DPR. They handed over Angelica Presnyakova and Olga Svorak to Ruban".

"Commissioner for Human Rights Daria Morozova: "The authorities of the DPR and LPR are ready to hold a prisoners exchange with Ukraine by the formula"690 to 47". "At the moment, it is about 690 people together with Lugansk, these are the ones who have been confirmed by the Ukrainian side. And we are ready to give 47 persons from our side. It is a figure"494 to 41" for the DPR and "196 to 6" for the LPR, if taken separately", - the ombudsman said".

Media: "One soldier of the DPR was killed as a result of bombardment of the positions of the forces of the republic by the Ukrainian security forces per day. This was stated by the deputy commander of the operational command Eduard Basurin at today's briefing".

"The company Voda Donbassa: "Energy supply of the Donetsk filtration plant was renewed after the bombardments on December 23".

Media: "The head of Ministry of Sports of the DPR has showed a master class of skating to the children from the frontline districts of the republic".

Media: "Representatives of the Jewish communities gathered today in Lugansk to celebrate "the festival of candles" of Hanukkah in the main synagogue of the LPR situated on the 50 anniversary of education of the USSR, 24 street. This was reported by the head of the department for religious organizations and spirituality cases of the Ministry of culture, sports and youth of the LPR Andrey Litsoev. He reminded that the Jews celebrate one of its main religious holidays from 24 December to 1 January this year. "Today, they had an event with children's groups from the Jewish communities, traditional donuts made according to the folk traditions of the Jews. This Celebration is cheerful: all were singing and dancing", - he said".

Media: "All the cities of the Luhansk People's Republic are gasified on 100%, and the villages and small towns – on 45%".

"The Prosecutor General's Office of the LPR": "A preliminary investigation into the robbery of the director of Stroycenter (the former Epicenter) Andrey Patrushev is held. The given crime has occurred in the area of one of the private houses in the Artemovsky district of Luhansk on December 18 at about 18 hours and 58. The director of Stroycenter drove his car to visit his friends after the end of the working day. When Patrushev got out of the car, he was approached by two criminals with a firearm, stun gun, handcuffs, syringe with a tranquilizer, who had tried to immobilize the victim. One of the attackers opened the fire from a firearm on the friends of Patrushev that had run out to help him. Defending the victim, his friends also used firearms, after that one of the attackers had escaped, and the second one had received a gunshot wound and was detained".

Media: "Specialists of the state enterprise Luhanskgaz identified 35 unsanctioned penetrations into the gas supply system of the republic in 2016, 17 criminal cases are initiated. At the same time, the courts of the LPR have brought five verdicts of guilty for the theft of gas from the pipeline".