Savchenko announces the creation of a public platform "RUNA" 12/27/2016 13:01:12. Total views 1043. Views today — 0.

People's deputy of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko announced the creation of RUNA social platform at a press conference in Lviv, - reported 112.ua.

"Today we want to introduce you a public platform. As I said before, it will not be a political project or a party - it's just a mechanism, and it will be created just when it is needed. For now, it is just a natural association of people who perceive the very essence, the very idea, not just some populist slogans. Today we present you a public platform RUNA", - N. Savchenko said.

"This the movement of the Ukrainian people, of active and thinking Ukrainians. These are reforms of the Ukrainian people for the sake of changing the system. This is the evolution of the Ukrainian people, as an exclusive requirement of the Revolution of Dignity", - the deputy explained.

According to N.Savchenko, Ukraine should reach changes in an evolutionary way rather than in revolutionary.

As reported earlier, the leaders of the "DPR/LPR" are satisfied with the political position of Nadiya Savchenko and make it clear that they would be satisfied to see such woman as the president of Ukraine.