The "LPR" is ready to dismiss its fake "Prime minister" 12/23/2016 15:31:28. Total views 892. Views today — 1.

Sergei Kozlov, the fake "prime minister" of the "LPR", will soon be dismissed, the separatist media report.

It is noted that the so-called "People's Council of the LPR" declared the work of the "Chairman of the Council of Ministers" as unsatisfactory. This "decision" was made after members heard an annual report on the work of the fake "ministries".

It is reported that the "deputies" asked Mr. Kozlov a number of questions, most of which he could not answer. Thus, it was "decided to recognize the work of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers as of poor quality".

The so-called "Chairman of the People's Council of the LPR" Vladimir Degtyarenko explained  that "the decision was motivated by the mismatch of Kozlov’s promises when he took office and the results of his work."

Igor Plotnitskiy, the leader of the “LPR”, supported this decision.